PanLex development


PanLex is a project of The Long Now Foundation. To learn more:

  • Visit the public PanLex website for general information.
  • Stay here if you are a PanLex developer (or want to become one).

This site documents how to develop:

  • PanLex content
  • PanLex technology
  • PanLex-powered applications

Please report any problems or questions so we can improve this site.

What do you want to develop?


PanLex content developers discover, document, and edit billions of translations among the words of the languages of the world. Specifically, they do:


PanLex technology developers improve and document the design and infrastructure of the PanLex database and of its human and program interfaces. Specifically, they do:


PanLex application developers design programs to query the PanLex database. The main existing applications are listed at the main PanLex website. It is convenient to document problems and solutions for three (partly overlapping) specific kinds:

  • API-based applications: programs that use the PanLex API to submit queries.
  • Snapshot-based applications: programs that use copies (“snapshots”) of database tables, rather than the PanLex-hosted database. We make copies of tables available every month. You can retrieve them and use them to furnish data that your programs require.
  • Linked-data applications: programs that make or use links between PanLex data and other data. These programs can be either API-based or snapshot-based.