Custom acquisition tools


We have developed our own custom tools to supplement the available standard tools and reference resources. Custom tools, other than our acquisition management system, are described below.

PanLem priority language selector

The PanLem interface offers a tool for prioritizing subject-language targeting. Here’s how it works:

  • On the main navigation page, select language—kind—see.
  • This produces a page where you can choose a range of existing expression counts and a range of existing pending source counts. We call a source pending if we have acquired it but have not yet added data that it attests to the database. Even if you enter “0” in every field, you will get a list of about 2,000 languages, so for most purposes that is probably a good choice.
  • Submitting that page produces a page showing languages that comply with your criteria. The countries where each language is reportedly used are shown in that table, and the languages are ordered by the first country listed. So, if you wish to focus on languages of a particular country, you can scroll to it and find its matching languages all together.