Choosing a source


Here we tell you how to review a list of sources ready for assimilation and choose among them. The choices that you make should be based on our principles of source selection.


One method of source selection is to search and browse the resource archive. This method gives you direct access to the files of any source you are considering. However, it is not possible to restrict your search to pending sources.


Another method of source selection is to specify criteria and let PanLem give you a list of sources that satisfy them. The procedure for doing this is:

  1. Start PanLem.
  2. Log in by selecting edit.
  3. Select edit—fact—see.
  4. Optionally, choose one or more assimilation difficulties, one or more file formats, or both. If you leave all in a list unselected, then you are selecting all of them.
  5. Don’t select edit—done, because you want to see only pending sources.
  6. Select language—expression—count, because you want to see how many expressions the language varieties of the sources already have in PanLex.
  7. Wait for the list to appear (it is not instantaneous).
  8. Review the list. The “denotation” column shows an estimate of the count of denotations in the source, if we have made such an estimate. The “file” column shows the size of the entire source directory, in kilobytes. There is a rough association between directory size and denotation count.
  9. In the resource archive, inspect any source that you are considering.
  10. If you decide to choose it for assimilation, go back to PanLem, select the source, and you get a page showing its registration metadata. On that page, select source—edit—permission—request to submit a request for authorization to become an editor of that source, so you can assimilate data from it. For some developers, PanLem issues that authorization automatically. For others, PanLem sends your request to the project staff for review and approval.