PanLex development

What is PanLex?

Generally …

PanLex is an effort to discover, organize, and make publicly available all documented translations among all words and phrases of all varieties of all languages in the world. More details are at the main PanLex website.

Technically …

PanLex is a collection of uniformly structured panlingual lexical translation data being stored in an open-source database and made publicly accessible through user and program interfaces and retrievable files.

What is on this site?

This PanLex development website contains documentation for PanLex developers: the staff, interns, and volunteers of the PanLex project and other developers who use PanLex data and interfaces.


This site documents several aspects of PanLex development:

  • Acquisition: how to find and obtain data for the project.
  • Assimilation: how to select, interpret, analyze, and standardize data and import them into the database.
  • Data and interfaces: how to access PanLex data, and give users and programs access to PanLex data.
  • Research: how to improve the quality, power, and value of the data in the database.
  • Infrastructure: how to improve the performance and reliability of the database, related services, and the server that hosts them.

There is also general information at this site for current and prospective PanLex developers.