Acquisition resources


Acquisition benefits from some enormous reference resources that others have compiled, including:

Glottolog See a language placed within its family and geographical location. Then scroll down to the list of publications. Sort the list for dictionaries. An excellent starting place.
Ethnologue Find a language’s names, dialects, population size, and location.
WorldCat Comprehensive library catalog listings
BookFinder Aggregated searcher of booksellers
Internet Archive Digital books
Google Books Print and digital books
Wikipedia Encyclopedic information on languages, including their names for themselves.

All of these can be used freely, except Ethnologue, which imposes a limit on page requests except for subscribers. If you need frequent access to Ethnologue for your work on acquisition for PanLex, please ask your supervisor about access to an Ethnologue subscription.

Other useful websites: SIL InternationalWALS; OLAC Language Resource CatalogUC Berkeley’s OskiCat; Open LibraryStanford University Libraries; University of Chicago Library; HathiTrust; The British Library; Library of Congress; Endangered Languages Project; Amazon; Alibris; Google Books

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