Git is a version-control and repository system used by PanLex for portions of its software.


You must have at least version 1.7 of Git to use the PanLex tools. If you are not sure what version you have, or whether it is installed at all, you can check by opening a terminal window and running git --version. If the result shows version information rather than a “command not found” error, the program is installed.

If you need to install it, follow the instructions below for your operating system.

Mac OS X

Download and install the Xcode command line tools. This is an approximately 150MB download and requires an Apple ID. You should select the version corresponding to your version of OS X. To determine what version (if any) of these tools is currently installed, use the “About This Mac” command under the Apple menu of the Finder, select the “System Report…” option, choose “Software/Installations”, and look for the latest version of “Command Line Tools for Xcode” in the list of installations. Git is included in these tools.


Follow the instructions for installing perl. You should then be able to access git from the Cygwin Terminal application.


Install the packages for git with your distribution’s package manager.


A two-page cheat sheet provides further information on git. “Learn Git Branching” is a good interactive, web-based git tutorial.