PanLex development is made possible by personnel of 4 kinds:

  • Professional staff
  • Interns
  • Regular volunteers
  • Occasional participants

We list our professional staff and some current and former interns and volunteers on our people page.

Internship and volunteering opportunities

At present, we are open to considering individual internships. If you wish to intern at PanLex, please contact us. Our last group internship took place in summer 02016.

We recruit regular volunteers continually, and we conduct training sessions for new volunteers when the need arises. If you wish to become a regular PanLex volunteer, please complete the application form.

Occasional participants

PanLex developers work on thousands of languages, and we continue to seek sources of lexical data for thousands more. Our work can benefit from the occasional participation of persons anywhere in the world who have knowledge of languages and sources beyond the knowledge of our regular developers.

We have recruited occasional participants sporadically, on an individual basis as needed, but we have also contemplated, and experimented with, the organization of more systematic and large-scale participation in our project, something we refer to as mass collaboration.

If you wish to work on the development of a robust infrastructure for mass collaboration, please contact us. You could advance our current knowledge of the existing and potential mass-collaboration infrastructure.