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PanLex is making translations among all words in all human languages—and dialects—publicly available. Do a Google search for kvg ituake and you’ll see one slice of PanLex. Over a billion translated word pairs (30 billion if you count translations through another language) can now be retrieved from PanLex.

PanLex was designed at the University of Washington and is now, together with The Rosetta Project, based at The Long Now Foundation. We work at offices in Berkeley, California.

The PanLex team is a mixture of employees and volunteers. Our work is multilingual and computational, so it takes certain skills to participate. If you have the right skills and time in your schedule for regular volunteering, we would be delighted to consider you for a PanLex volunteer position.

Volunteers should be able to commit to at least four hours per week, and provide their own computer with Linux, OS X, or Windows installed. The skills required depend on the track(s) you choose. See question 1 below for more details.

When will the next volunteer training start? The PanLex team is eager to start collaborating with you right after our project-refining process which will continue into spring 02017. We will post training dates and contact you as soon as we are settled and ready to work together. Thank you for applying to volunteer with us!

Application form

Submit this form to apply for a position as a PanLex volunteer. You can volunteer to work on-site in Berkeley, or where you live anywhere in the world.

4. Tell us about your computing skills:

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